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According to New York Times bestselling author Kevin Trudeau, The Journey into Reflection is “eye opening, thrilling and inspiring. A page turner you can’t put down! Empowering as well as entertaining.”

This must-read will change your perspective and your outlook with its 31 stories that cover life’s pivotal moments. It also challenges you to reach ever outward. The book is “intensely packed with reminders and insight into a world of possibilities. Through his stories, our hearts ignite with hope and wonder as we step into our own inner sanctum and find peace. Beautiful stories!” says Sonia Barrett, author and editor of Sovereign Mind Magazine.

Rebecca Jernigan, the host of Journeys with Rebecca radio show, calls the book “Wonderful! Each page makes you remember what you have forgotten, that miracles do happen every day. This world is not linear, it is multi-dimensional. Emotional, thought-provoking and filled with messages to your soul. Each chapter will have some sort of connection to you and your own life, it is impossible not to see and feel.”

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