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How can sight not be a top priority in people’s lives?  And yet there are those who put it off and procrastinate getting a check-up, as if to buy more time. I think we must understand that we are trained Americans, and trained Americans do what they want to do…and almost always put off what they NEED to do. Priorities are always out of order, thus many lives are in confusion. As we take another day on the journey, we must keep analyzing our thought patterns that we have been indoctrinated with. We need to concentrate and think that everything we see could possibly not be real, and everything we don’t see could be the very essence of our existence.

This book is about growing in maturity and brainpower. Since the Good Lord Above has handed us intelligence, it would be non-intelligent not to use the praying power He’s given us. Right?

There is a sect of so-called superior people who run the masses here on this earth and are trying to use us as slaves. Many think slavery was abolished, but if one were to search the truth, you would find that the rules have changed. There are those that believe in a governmental social club, such as Democrats or Republicans. But one must understand and identify that both parties are wearing the same shirts. For many, this reality is not a truth to them. They are still living the lie they were sold fifty years ago.

Some have eyes to see. Some have eyes to see, but their vision has not been used or exercised thus their vision has become blurry. I want to embark upon a journey that will maybe change how you see things. Some of these stories are just that—stories. But if you use the story to your advantage and realize what nuggets of gold you can pull from it, you might obtain wealth through not only using your spirituality, but also using the learning tools that God placed within your heart, mind, and soul. Shall we take a trip to the eye doctor?

Let’s suppose that you wear eyeglasses. If you don’t, it’s possible that someday you will…so hang with us. For some reason, as we grow older, our vision changes. It is very rare that our vision will improve. So we do reach a point in time that we need ye old glasses. Ye old glasses make ye old eyes work. I’ll stop talking like this so we don’t think that we’re Latin.

Imagine, if you will, you’re going to the eye doctor and it’s been a couple of years. (Let’s face it, for some of us it’s been eons.) You haven’t gone in a while, not because of money, but because you are procrastinating. You are making excuses and such that keep you away from doing something that you need to do. Maybe it has to do with those few tickets in your dresser drawer, for not seeing the stop sign.

So you finally set your feet inside the optometrist’s office, and a beautiful young lady greets you with the most welcoming smile. You’re not used to this celebrity treatment, and you find yourself in awe. You know you’re not a celebrity, so why are they treating you like one? Oh well, take the good when it comes, because it may not come again. She sits you down in a plush leather chair and asks you if you need a drink. You smile with anticipation because this treatment is far beyond what you expected.

She then asks you, “What can I do for you today?”

“Well, I’ve put it off too long,” you say. “And I think I’m gonna need some glasses. I think I’m getting up there in years, and my eyes are letting me know.”

She replies back, “Absolutely! You’ve come to the right place. In this office, there are miracles in vision every day.”

You’re thinking to yourself as she speaks this, Okay, what kind of place is this? You’re a simple person. You don’t need the extravagant treatment. You just want a pair of glasses so you can see again. You then start thinking deeply to yourself, Oh I get it, if they treat me super, super nice, they’re gonna jack the prices up on me. I’m probably gonna pay double; and insurance is not what it used to be. Oh, I see their angle now. You then come out of your thought process feeling a bit wiser and a tad sharper than you’re opponent. She’s not gonna pull the wool over my eyes, you think to yourself. You are now ready for the boxing ring. When you look over at the receptionist…you must’ve thought about this process too long. Maybe you were daydreaming, because the look on her face was saying something to you that maybe you didn’t want to hear.

“Are you alright?”

“Oh, yes. I’m fine.”

“Alright. Well, we need to take a few tests and then you can see the doctor.”

“Well, my first question is…how much is this gonna cost me? I know how you guys are working this thing.”

“What do you mean? We try very hard to please our customers here and go that extra mile.”

“Mile-shmile, how much is this gonna cost me?”

She then looks at you, very disappointed, and says, “That all depends on you. The doctor works with every budget.”

“Well, just know I’m onto you guys. And I’m sure you work with our budgets all right.”

You then go through the tests and she’s a bit quieter than before. She still gives you her warm smile, but there’s a bit of a wedge. You don’t feel as good as you did when you first walked in, but you realize it’s because you have changed the setting. You are in the know, and you are well aware of what’s going on. No one’s gonna screw you.

After the tests, she sits you in a nice chair and says, “The doctor will be with you shortly.” She starts to walk away and turns back around, comes back and bends down to whisper in your ear, “Every once in a while, someone like you comes into our office, and we realize we need to work just a little bit harder to bring that miracle of vision.”

She then stands up and starts to walk away and you retort back, “I don’t think getting new glasses is a miracle in vision. I think you guys make way too big a deal over an everyday practice. And I also think I’m just a little sharper than the rest of the people that come in this office.”

She turns her head back around and gently says to you, “You might be right.”

You’re now dismayed. Why the heck was she agreeing with you? This is all so bizarre! You can hardly wait to get your dang glasses and just get the heck out of Dodge.

Within minutes the doctor comes out and takes you into his office. Much to your amazement, the doctor is not what you expect at all. He looks like he’s about eighty years old, with a long manicured beard. He has a few white hairs on his head that are as white as snow. He looks like a fit Santa Claus, but he’s not wearing red. He’s wearing his white doctor’s coat and some nice slacks. But much to your amazement, you look down at his shoes and he’s wearing red tennis shoes. Bright red tennis shoes. The guy’s got to be eighty years old, and his attire is fine except for those bright red tennis shoes. Why would a man wear bright red tennis shoes? Oh well, it’s none of your business. You follow him into his office and he greets you with a subtle smile. 

“So, how are you doing today?” he asks.

“I’m doing fine.”


“You have an interesting set up here.”

“Set up? What do you mean?”

“You know, the whole, miracle vision thing you’ve got goin’.”

“Oh, you like our verbiage.”

“Yeah, it’s…it’s okay. I just think the word miracle is a bit overplayed.”

“Have you been into our office before?”

“No, this is my first time. I still think the word miracle is a little overplayed. I’m just getting new glasses.”

“Oh, you’re one of those.”

“One of what?”

“You’re one of those see black or see white kind of people.”

“Oh, you have a problem with somebody seeing black and white? Maybe you’d like me to see a little gray for you. Maybe the whole bill for this visit is in the gray. I see where you’re going with this. Nobody yet has been able to tell me how much this is going to cost me, and I’m probably a fool for even being here.” 

“Well, if you would like to go, and you do not feel comfortable here, I understand, and we apologize for any inconvenience.”

“No, I’m fine. I just want some new glasses, and I don’t want to get ripped off, and we’ll be good.”

“Well, my friend,” the old doctor replies, “I think you need to see what we’re all about. Because when you do, it will change your life. And I believe—and I’m the only doctor that believes this—that what you see can change your heart.”

“I don’t see any medical connection with vision and heart attacks.”

The doctor then begins to examine you, and you spend the next twenty minutes selecting the perfect lenses that help you see clearer. The doctor is pleasant, skilled and does not waste any of your time. He then writes his prescription for you and says, “Your glasses will be ready in seven days.”

“Well, Doc, you better hit me with the bad news. What’s the bill gonna cost me?”

“Well,” the doctor replies, “you’ll think this to be odd—”

You interrupt, “Odd? Oh yeah, your billing system is a tad odd. Just give me the dang bill.”

The doctor then replies back, “I’m sorry, you interrupted me. I was about to tell you that the glasses that we give here are on a donation basis. This is how it fits everybody’s budget. I am a multi-millionaire and can afford to buy everybody’s glasses. But you wouldn’t believe it, the whole office runs on a faith code, and I’ve never had to use any of my own personal money. I would if I needed to. But I haven’t needed to.”

You now are jolted. You’ve acted like a horse’s behind because your trust was in the toilet. All they’ve done is be nice to you, and try to make your visit as pleasant as they could, and you’ve treated them like dirt. And now you’re faced with the realization of what a jackass you’ve been, and you’re not sure how to fix it.

“Well Doctor, you’ve left me kind of speechless. I’ve uh, kinda, well you know it’s been a tough year and...well—”

The doctor gently interrupts, “I totally understand. Would you like me to let you in on a miracle?”

You then are a bit saddened, because at this point you didn’t listen to a thing anyone said since you’d been in the office. You now know your best option is to just listen and comply. “Yes, I would like to know about your miracle.”

The doctor smiles and starts to act like he’s twenty years old.  He says, “I was privy to a special formula that these glasses were made of. These glasses are very unique and you can’t take them home with you. They are not mass produced and you can’t share with anybody what I’m about to show you.” 

Your curiosity is so peaked you feel like you’re on top of Mt. Everest. The doctor then smiles at you and says, “Do we have a deal? You can look through these glasses, but you can’t tell a soul.”

You look back at the doctor, and somehow you two are beginning to bond. “Doc, I won’t tell a soul. I promise.”

The doctor looks back with a very complex look on his face, “Are you ready for what you’re about to see? Because you will think that your eyes have failed you when you look through these special glasses.”

Your whole world, which is spinning around you, will all of a sudden come to a complete halt. The words out of his mouth are more powerful than anything you’ve ever heard in your entire life. You don’t even understand the depth of what is really transpiring. All you know is that it is time to look through these glasses.

You look at the doctor and you see his very complex look and you reply to him, “I’m ready, Sir.”

He takes a pair of black horn rimmed glasses out of a simple cardboard-type case. He says, “They’re not very pretty, but oh, wait ‘til you see what they can do.” You reach for the glasses and he pulls them back. “Not yet, you have to go look at the people with these glasses. These glasses only work with people. Follow me, and let’s see what can we see.”

You follow the doctor out to the waiting room and it’s quite occupied. The doctor kind of walks over to the corner of the room, where not everyone can see and says, “This is the place where you can put on the glasses.”

You take the glasses from his hands and unfold them, preparing them for your eyes. As you start to bring the glasses closer to your eyes, you can feel a shift in energy. You immediately start to fear, as the glasses are getting closer to the bridge of your nose. You take one last peek at the doctor before the glasses go on, and you see him with a grand smile and yet a complex look. He’s looking at you as if you might not return. As these glasses are coming up the bridge of your nose, you utterly have holy fear, as you are not prepared for what you’re about to see. 

You then put the glasses completely on and you look at an indoor plant sitting on a table before you. The plant is vibrant and it’s like—if words could describe it—the plant had a facial-type structure, or an energy that spoke to you saying, “No one notices me. I sit here day and night, changing the air to smell clean and purified, to show people life and power, and no one notices. I am an object that man does not care for because man did not create me. I am of the Creator, and I am ignored.” The plant did not say a word, but somehow you could read everything about that plant. It was alive. You could see it.

You then look over at a seven-year-old boy, and you look at his face and immediately you know his thoughts. My parents don’t care about me. They make me watch TV every day and they fight almost every day. They’ll give me whatever I want, just to keep me away.  I haven’t spent three hours with my dad in over a week. I miss him so bad. All I want is my mom and dad. Maybe today we can go get an ice cream, and I can see my dad smile again.

You start to pull the glasses away from the bridge of your nose and the doctor says, “No, you need to keep looking. It will change you.”

You put them back on and look over to a young lady who’s quite beautiful. It’s not the receptionist; it’s a young woman whose beauty surpasses many. You look up into her eyes and the strange phenomenon begins again. You read her thoughts. I’m so ugly. I don’t know, maybe I should’ve bought that dress earlier so I could look better. You immediately look behind her thoughts and it’s like a huge neon sign lit up behind her that says: LOST. You immediately are alarmed and tears start rolling down your face. Somehow you know this is very serious.

You look back into her eyes and you can see that her family has a lot of money. You know that she can buy anything she wants. You know that she has no friends and that everybody around her uses her. Her father is an Executive President of a major corporation. You all of a sudden experience a feeling that penetrates your heart. It’s two words that spear you like you’re going to bleed. The first word is neglect and the second word is rejection.

Suddenly, you are taken back as if you’re looking at a film, watching this young girl at four years of age, and there is no mom and there is no dad, just the baby sitter...a baby sitter that’s talking on the phone, neglecting this young girl. You see her going up to the baby sitter, asking to play. The baby sitter now exclaims to the young girl, “Go on, go play. Go on.” You watch the young four-year-old cry, but it’s a silent cry. All the while, this spear of pain is so excruciating that you feel you’re going to scream. Your eyes are full of tears, and you can’t take anymore.

You pull the glasses off, and the doctor says, “You need to see one more.”

You exclaim to the doctor, “I can’t take it anymore! This is not good. There’s nothing good about this.” 

And the doctor says, “One more, and I’ll show you the good.”

You put the glasses back on and the doctor points to a sixty-five-year-old man waiting in the office. You look at the elderly man through your glasses and you see the most horrific picture. The man digresses to nine-years-old, and you see him sitting around a table with his family. They’re all eating dinner and his father looks at the boy and says, “How’d you do in ball today? Did you hit a home run?”

The boy looks up at the father and says, “No, Sir. I tried really hard.”

“Well, did you get on base?”

“No, Sir. I tried really hard though.”

“Well, did you get a ball?”

“No Dad, I struck out. Tommy was pitching.”

“You stupid son of a bitch! You low life! You practice and you practice and still can’t hit the damn ball! What a moron! Maybe we need to put you in with the babies wearing diapers! Maybe you should go take ballet like the little girls!”

You look at the boy and he’s crying, but he just whimpers, he keeps it inside. The father now says something that you never wanted to hear. “You disgust me! I wish I never would’ve had you! You are an accident, Boy! Maybe you can play on the girls’ baseball team! You’re such a shit!” The boy bows his head and tears are falling on his plate.

The view is now where he is at his mature age of sixty-five. You look behind him and you see a neon light, and it’s lit up with bright red letters: FAILURE. You now race through his life at an extreme rate of speed and see that this man has failed at everything he’s attempted ever since that ball game. You see this man’s heart is gold, but he just can’t seem to grab hold of anything.

You immediately take off the glasses and tell the doctor, “This is not funny!” The doctor’s looking at you and he has tears in his eyes, “I look at these people every day through these glasses.”

You look at the doctor, speaking through tears. “What good is there in that?” 

The doctor looks at you and says, “Do you have the time to know the answer?”

You say, “Yes, I have the time. Now what?”

The doctor says, “Go sit in my office and take these glasses with you. Do you see the young beautiful girl? You already looked into her life. I’m going to wait on her next. When she comes out, I want you to look at her again with the glasses.” You agree and go and sit down in his office and wait. 

Twenty minutes pass by and the girl comes out of the doctor’s office with a smile and a bounce in her step. You immediately throw the glasses back on your face. Behind her head is a sign that’s not neon, but more of a white light and it reads: HOPE. You now look into her eyes and you read her thoughts. That doctor was so nice and made me feel so good. I never knew that my beauty lies beneath the skin. I never knew there was somebody that was not from this earth that cared and loved me more than anyone else. I am on a quest to find the source of the Creator.

You immediately are shocked. Could this be the same girl? And then before your eyes, something very strange takes place. The girl stops in the middle of the office, and turns, and looks over to the plant on the desk. “What a beautiful plant,” she says. “It smells so wonderful. It’s like a breath of fresh air. I’m gonna have to get me one of those plants.”

You take your glasses and move to look closer at the plant. It’s as if the plant, almost, if you could read it right, has a smile on its leaf. And then something most amazing happens within the view of your glasses, you watch the plant release an energy into the air, and you watch its leaves move so gentle and small as if a breeze had hit it. Within seconds, people are talking about how that plant smells so good. And you watch its leaves rise as if to praise the Creator who created it.

The young beautiful lady turns back to the doctor, “Thanks, Doc, I feel my vision is already better. Sorry I didn’t need glasses. I just thought maybe I did.”

Tears are rolling down your face, and you feel yourself smile so big it’s gonna hurt you. You get up to give the glasses back, and you notice the elderly man is going in to see the doctor. You say to yourself, “What’s another twenty minutes?”

Twenty minutes later, the elderly man comes out and you immediately put on your glasses. You see behind him a sign and it says: HEALED. You read through his thoughts within the vision of the glasses and you know the doctor has given him word that he is not a failure. In fact, he had been chained to a wall and that wall had not allowed him to succeed at anything in his life. You see the wall is now gone. 

In fact, much to your amazement, the glasses move to the future. The man has been alone his whole life. He never married because he figured that being such a failure, he would not be able to have a successful wife and family. But you now look into the future, and you see him meet up with a mature lady of beauty and wisdom. They fall in love and spend the rest of their years on this earth in awe of love and truth. The tears are falling so rapidly down your face in joy, that it looks like you’ve wet your pants.

Hours go by, and the doctor comes to you, “I don’t mean to be a...but I need my glasses back.”  You did not realize that you spent the whole day in the optometrist’s office viewing people for how they really are. Seeing people beyond what is seen. Understanding people beyond what there is to understand. And watching walls—invisible walls—crumble to the ground as each person walks out of this miracle vision office. You give the doctor his glasses back and you say, “This has been quite a day!”

The doctor smiles at you and says, “Every day is quite a day. This is the office of miracles.” The doctor looks back at you and says, “You forgot your prescription.”

“Oh yeah, I came in for new glasses. I need to write you a check, Doc.”

The doctor says, “Well, if you can’t, don’t worry about it.”

You have been a penny pincher for over twelve years. You always look for the sale prices at grocery stores, yard sales, not buying things of pleasure…all to save money…for what? So that you can stare at your bank account and think you are somebody?

You reach into your checkbook and write a check for five thousand dollars. Twenty-four hours ago, you’d have wanked at paying fifty dollars. You hand it to the doctor and he says to you, “Thank you for being generous.”

Tears begin to hit your eyes again. And you say, “No Doctor, thank you for being generous.”

If every day that we lived, we saw people like this person, who looked through special glasses…what kind of world would we live in? Is it possible this story has reality to it? Or is it just another walk or day of your journey? 

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