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According to
New York Times bestselling author Kevin Trudeau, The Journey into Reflection is “eye opening, thrilling and inspiring. A page turner you can’t put down! Empowering as well as entertaining.”

The Journey Into Reflection is a compilation of short stories that feed our inner souls. Each one brings a perspective that allows all of the readers to search within themselves and fulfill their potential. The characters in these stories will invoke strong emotions. The readers will cry, they will laugh, and when they finish each story they will self reflect and that reflection will promote immediate action. This book was written to help the world extend more compassion, forgive always, and love deeper.

There’s a force working within each one of us that we tend to ignore. There’s a still small voice that is whispering to us. Inspiring us to choose the right road.


The Journey Into Reflection
will not only cause you to reflect on your own life, but also to view how the Creator has been moving through your life since the beginning. This book will help the reader listen to their own heart. All the strength you need has always been inside of each of us, The Journey Into Reflection teaches us to just look. To just step. To just act. To just be whoever it is that we are. That is our journey.

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"The stories reflect a thoughtful and introspective look at the journey we call life. McMullen sees beyond the daily grind of our mundane experiences to the greater picture of who and what we really are. He sees what we are really doing along the way into the great infinity we call tomorrow - I was really impressed!"
- Commander Robert O Dean