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Ronnie McMullen was born in Santa Maria, California.  He was raised in a very negative environment ending with his parentsí divorce. Because of the negative influence they had on him, it took him many years to overcome and soon he began to help others who had gone through the same experiences. During this time he attended many churches, hoping to find the truth, but realized that he was searching for something more, something deeper that could not be found within the four walls.  He decided to leave the church in his own pursuit of the Creator.  He knew that there was much more to spirituality than the church was presenting. 

In 2004, Ronnie started his own radio show called, The Prophetic Watch, in Denver, Colorado.  He had a huge following after only six months of time.  People loved his sincerity of heart and his passion for following the Divine force within.  After time, he expanded to nationwide radio via shortwave. This brought an entirely different audience and broadened his show immensely.  The feedback was incredible.  People started to contact him from all over asking him for advice with their own life situations.  Helping others brought a new spark inside his life.  By helping these people through his radio program, he realized that there were more out there beyond the radio audience who needed inspiration and hope.  This was the beginning of The Journey

He began writing several short stories that he started to post on his website.  The response was overwhelming and unexpected.  People were not only being affected by these stories, but they were anxiously awaiting more.  The audience began to share with their friends and families each week, which encouraged Ronnie to compile these stories in a book. He wanted this book to reach as many as possible, thus the conception of The Journey Into Reflection was born.

The Journey Into Reflection is the first volume of twelve.  He intended to write three hundred and sixty-five stories, one for every day of the year, but soon realized that after thiry-one days it would be too much to contain in one book. Each story is very unique and the characters come to life.  You will be able to relate to every single character, propelling you to reflect on your own life and the choices that you have made.  These compelling stories will move the heart again and again. 

Ronnie McMullen has taken his life experiences and transformed them to help others.  The way he writes will ignite the passions inside of you.  He has touched the hearts and lives of thousands.  His stories will remain alive for a very long time and they will continue to help many throughout generations.  

Ronnie McMullen currently hosts two radio programs: The Ronnie McMullen Show and UFO Encounters Live (the spiritual side of UFOs) He lives in Central California with his wife and three girls.